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Nickberget Hunting Camp is one of Sweden’s leading hunt organisers. We arrange hunting and fishing trips in our own home district, where generations of hunters and anglers have been able to enjoy some fantastic natural experiences out in the wilds.

Our hunting and fishing grounds lie in the heart of Österbergslagen (Dalecarlia), just 160 km from central Stockholm – and yet here you’ll find forest wilderness, unspoilt countryside and a peaceful silence. We base ourselves on a “shooting party” that can help ensure you of a successful hunt.

Hunting takes place across land leased from Sveaskog.

Customised hunt
Nickberget Hunting Camp offers a hunting experience customised entirely to your own requirements. We dispose of over 5,000 hectares of Bergslagen countryside offering excellent hunting for a well managed stock of elk, bear and a wide variety of small game. This enables us to organise everything from large-scale corporate hunts to hunts for small private groups. That are some placeds left in nov and dec, so if you are inressed - mail us, now See the prices at the right column. In october we had visit of Roo Ellis from The hunting Agency in England. very nice and enjoyed experience. Se what Roo write about ours on his own sajt


We have our own network of highly skilled hunters and dog handlers who can assist in ensuring the hunt will be a success. The dogs include some of Sweden’s best moosehounds, along with harriers, deerhounds and barking bird dogs. If you have any further wishes, we’ll do our best to satisfy them.

Customised fishing
Nickberget Hunting Camp offers individually customised fishing for groups, clubs and companies in Bosjön Lake, which is not far from Stjärnsund and Kloster and the lovely Husebyringen nature and culture trail. The lake itself is about 30 hectares in size. A cabin, a large outdoor barbecue area and rowing boats are available. Trout or rainbows can be released as you wish.

Björktjärn, which lies in the same area, is a smaller lake, about 6 hectares in size, containing a good stock of wild fish. Here, too, a cabin and barbecue facilities are available.





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Nickberget Hunting Camp was founded in 2003 to provide hunting and fishing enthusiasts with good-value opportunities of practising their favourite sports in beautiful Dalecarlia. Here, everyone is welcome, from experienced anglers and hunters with their own dogs to landless hunters wanting to try their luck at call hunting/stationary hunting/stalking/battue/hunting with terriers, etc. Our dogs include Swedish foxhounds, wachtels and Finnish spitz.
The elk hunt is of excellent Bergslagen quality and is part of an elk management area, 220,000 hectares in size, from which we obtain our allocations and shooting directives .
We dispose of over 5,000 hectares of Bergslagen countryside offering excellent hunting for a well managed stock of elk and a wide variety of small game.